MY DARK FATE is an Austrian melodic metal band formed in 2019 in Tyrol.

The vocalist, Brigitte Lechner, switches between feminine tones and death growls and writes the lyrics. Dominik Lechner, also bassist of „Liquid Steel” and Christian Federer (drums) build a solid groove section. Both composers, Andreas Maierhofer (guitars) and Herbert Sopracolle, who left the Band in 2022, are known for their former project „Lost Dreams” and carry on their many years of death metal experience now in MY DARK FATE. Tom Perfler (guitar) joined in 2023. The band released their first Album NO PROPHECY in December 2022.


Brigitte Lechner // vocals
Andreas Maierhofer // guitars
Tom Perfler // guitar
Dominik ‚Monte‘ Lechner // bass
Christian Federer // drums

Former Members
Herbert Sopracolle // guitars